About Us

Outbound RV Rentals was established on the notion that the city limits should not be a final destination. It should be the beginning of a new journey to venture beyond the city. Our roots stem from childhood adventures, family memories, and the excitement of the open road. Camp fires with friends, exploring the wilderness, fishing along the river banks, or simply enjoying the cool waters of a spring river encompass our memories. The destination opportunities in this great nation of ours are endless and are yearning for a visit. The open road is calling us, the traveler within, to strive for the bluest of skies and to create a new push pin on a map.

It is easy to get wrapped up in everyday life with the hectic schedules, long work hours, and addiction to technology. But, it is also easy to escape and enjoy the great outdoors and all that Texas, and other states have to offer. We want to offer a solution for families and individuals to get out of town and enjoy the sites without purchasing an RV. Most RV owners only use it a few times out of the year but still have to pay monthly payments, monthly storage fees, monthly insurance premiums, and keep up with maintenance. For the RV owner wanting to earn rental income, check out our “Fleet Program” page for further details.

Outbound RV Rentals wants to make renting an RV easy and affordable. That is why we offer unlimited mileage; go and explore! Each RV includes a coffee maker (you would be surprised how many do not)- it’s important to wake up with a hot cup of coffee in your hand sitting outside enjoying nature. And for those times when technology is needed, we offer TVs and DVD players in the RVs. We want you to spend less time packing up necessities so Outbound RV Rentals offers affordable linen and cookware packages.

Spending time traveling beyond the city limits and creating your own adventure with family and friends is sure to make priceless memories that will last a lifetime. Give us a call or send us an email and we will happily help you plan your next trip.