Outbound RV Rental Policies at our Round Rock, TX Dealership

Payments and Deposits:

Same-day rentals are not allowed.  All reservations must be made and approved at least 36 hours in advance of departure date. 3 day minimum rental on all units. Holidays and Peak Season may have a longer rental minimum; please inquire. A $500 down payment for Motorhomes and a $250 down payment for Travel Trailers is required at the time of reservation to secure and confirm your RV Rental Reservation. The reservation deposit goes towards the Total Rental Charges and is subtracted  from the total balance of the rental charges. The final balance of the total rental charges is due 14 days prior to departure date. A $1000 Security deposit for trailers and Class Cs and a $1500 Security deposit for Class A Motorhomes is charged as an “authorization only” on your credit card and is completely separate from the Rental Charges, and must be processed the day of departure or 3 days prior to delivery using a valid major credit card unassociated with a checking account. Any additional monies due at the conclusion of the rental will be charged against the authorized funds with the balance of the amount being released. We accept VISA, MASTERCARD,  DISCOVER, AMERICAN EXPRESS OR CASH.

Vehicle Pick Up/Return:

Your Pick-Up and Drop-Off location will be 2851 South A.W.  Grimes, Round Rock, TX 78664 unless  otherwise notified by Outbound RV Rentals.   You must contact our office if you are going to be delayed beyond the exact pick-up and/or return times listed on this rental Agreement.  If the Vehicle is not returned on the Due-Back Date by 5pm to our location listed above, or a place agreed upon between Us and  Renter, Renter will pay a full day’s charge for the Vehicle for each day or fraction thereof until the Vehicle is returned to the specified location.  Renter is responsible for any lost revenue as a result of the vehicle not being returned by the Due-Back Date and/or Due-Back Time. If the Vehicle is returned after closing hours, or when we are not available to receive it, Renter remains responsible for the safety of, and any damage to, the Vehicle until we inspect and accept the Vehicle. No credit or refund shall be  given to the Renter if the Vehicle is returned prior to the return date. There are no credits for tanks filled above levels as when departed.

Eligible Drivers:

Renter must be 25 years of age or older, must have a valid  driver’s license, a clean driving record, a major credit card, and personal auto insurance coverage that must extend to the RV Rental or Renter can pay a Loss Damage Waiver as an extension of our policy. At the time of reservation, Renter must provide the correct and proper personal identification, personal information, employment, credit references, and personal Auto Insurance Information. All information will be verified and a background check will be performed on all Renters. WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE ANY APPLICANT OR RESERVATION FOR ANY REASON, AT ANY TIME.

Familiarization  Tour:

Operating instructions will be given to Renter at departure.  Renter will need to plan for at least a 45 minute orientation to check-out the RV. All individuals driving or operating the RV components, inside and/or outside, should be present at the orientation.

Service  of Vehicle:

Since Outbound RV Rentals offers unlimited Mileage, we hold the Renter responsible to keep the Vehicle and its components serviced and Renter agrees to pay upon demand for loss and expense, repairs, parts, or supplies due to neglect, abuse, or misuse of Vehicle including without limitations, lack of proper repairs, and failure to add oil, antifreeze, water, air, or other expendables necessary for the proper and safe operation of the Vehicle during period of rental.  Rental rates do not include generator hours, fuel, propane, oil, antifreeze, tire flat or tire damage repairs or replacement, or dumping of holding tanks.  The Vehicle’s main engine, generator and tires must be serviced regularly at the expense of the Renter during the rental period.  Renter must maintain the Vehicle in strict compliance with the manufacturer’s maintenance procedure and in accordance with our instructions, which will be given to Renter prior to departure.


Renter is responsible for all damage or loss caused to others.  Renter has either provided us with an insurance binder indicating that you have primary motor vehicle liability collision and comprehensive insurance covering you, us, and the Vehicle, or you have elected to pay for insurance coverage through Outdoorsy.  Per the Outdoorsy coverage, Renter is responsible for a $1000 deductible per occurrence for travel trailers, a $2000 deductible per occurrence for Class C Motorhomes, or a $2500 deductible per occurrence for a Class A Motorhome.  Tree scratches, tires, wheels, hubcaps, interior damage, and awnings are never covered by insurance and are at the full expense of the Renter should damage occur during rental period.

Interior and Exterior Cleaning of Vehicle:

A one-time Cleaning Fee of $100 is required and covers the interior and exterior cleaning of the Vehicle after return.  No need to rush or worry about spending time cleaning the inside or finding a car wash that accommodates larger vehicles for the exterior. Similar to a rental property or condo, the Renter is responsible for adhering to our Return Checklist, located in the Vehicle, prior to return. Failure to complete all Checklist items will result in an additional $100 Excessive Dirtiness Fee which will be deducted from the Security Deposit. No exceptions. The Cleaning Fee or the Excessive Dirtiness Fee does not include any charge for stained or grime carpets or upholstery.  Additional fees for damage or replacement may apply.  Please inquire for further details.

Optional Tire Policy:

All rentals are eligible for the $10/day Tire Insurance that  the Renter can purchase in addition to the daily rental rate.  The insurance policy will cover the cost of  replacing or repairing tire(s) during your rental.  Premiums for services such as “Emergency Services” or Road Side Assistance outside of normal business hours will be the responsibility of the Renter.  Outbound  RV Rentals will cover the costs specific to the tire repair or replacement.  If Renter declines coverage, Renter will be responsible for 100% of the cost to replace or repair the tire(s). Tire insurance does NOT cover any body, frame, chassis, exterior, or  interior damage on any vehicle for any reason.


Towing with one of our motorhomes requires prior permission  since not all of the motorhomes have a receiver hitch.  The designated motorhomes that allow towing  are only equipped with a receiver hitch, so Renter would need to provide own tow bar. Hook-up of a towing apparatus is not provided by us. The motorhomes are not wired for electric brakes. Trailers over a maximum gross weight of 3000lbs are not allowed. Outbound RV Rentals’ Insurance does not cover Renter’s towed object(s), including the towed trailer. Renter is responsible for all damage to the towed vehicle, trailer, or any other towed object(s) or for third-party injury inflicted by the towed items.


Pets are allowed in select vehicles and pets must be pre-approved and a pet cleaning fee of $50 must be pre-paid. Evidence of a pet without pre-approval (includes but not limited to: pet hair, pet food, leashes, collars, pet sweaters, and pet toys) is determined at the sole discretion of Outbound RV Rentals and will forfeiture your Security Deposit.


Smoking is prohibited inside the Vehicle.  Evidence of Smoking (smell or debris, including campfire smoke) is determined at the sole discretion of  Outbound RV Rentals and will forfeiture your Security Deposit.

Prohibited  Uses:

The following uses of the Vehicle are prohibited and constitute a breach of this Agreement. The Vehicle will not be driven:

a. by anyone who is not an Authorized Driver, by anyone under age 25, by anyone not licensed to drive, by anyone whose driving license is suspended, revoked, expired, or by anyone whose driving license is restricted because of past traffic law violations

b.by anyone who is intoxicated or under the influence of alcohol, prescription or non-prescription drugs

c. by anyone who obtained the Vehicle, or extended the rental period by giving Us false, fraudulent or misleading information

d. in furtherance of any illegal purpose, or under any circumstances that could be properly charged as a crime other than minor traffic violations

e. to carry persons or property for hire or for compensation

f. to push or tow anything

g. in any race or speed contest

h. to carry dangerous, hazardous, or illegal material

i. outside the United States or Canada, or in any area  restricted by terms found elsewhere in this agreement

j. when loaded beyond its capacity as determined by the manufacturer of the Vehicle

k. to Burning Man, Death Valley during the summer, on sand (beach or othwerise), or on an unpaved surface except at an RV campground

l. to transport more persons than the Vehicle has seat belts  or to carry persons outside the passenger compartment

m. to transport children without a federally-approved child  safety restraint or booster seat as required by State law

n. when the odometer has been tampered with or disconnected

o. when the Vehicle’s fluid levels are low, or it is  otherwise reasonable to expect You to know that further operation of the Vehicle would damage it

p. with inadequately secured cargo

q. to transport an animal

r. after an accident involving the Vehicle without first  reporting the accident to the police and to us.    

Driving the Vehicle under an overpass, overhang or roof structure without sufficient clearance is also a prohibited use. You agree not to sit, stand or lie on the roof of the Vehicle.

Fuel  Information:

Fuel not filled to beginning level will result in a Fee, market price plus a $25 service fee


If the reservation is cancelled 30 days or more before the scheduled departure date, the entire $250-$500 deposit is refunded minus a $50 administrative fee. If the reservation is cancelled within 30 days of departure date, even if booking occurs within 30 days of departure, no refund will be granted. Money collected minus the $50 administrative fee will become a credit and must be used within 8 months of the cancellation date or be subject to forfeit.  Credit cannot be used for the down payment/reservation deposit on a new booking and will be applied to the reservation’s remaining balance. 

Final balance is due 14 days prior to departure. NO REFUNDS will be given for early returns or for loss of use/time due to inclement weather during your rental period. Purchasing travel insurance on your own is suggested.

Refund  of your security deposit:

Security Deposit is refundable within 14 business days of  return, providing Vehicle Return Checklist is followed, holding tanks are  empty, propane and fuel tanks are filled to their originating levels,  kits are returned without damage or loss of  kit contents, and the Vehicle is not damaged or abused.  We may use your deposit to pay any amounts owed to us including Toll Fees under this Agreement.  Security Deposit will be forfeited to Outbound RV Rentals in the event we suffer any loss, cost damage, or claim during the term of the rental.  A security deposit is only a partial compensation for failing to return the  Vehicle in a satisfactory condition.  The Renter understands and authorizes their security deposit to be collected for repairs/damages, plus any additional funds required if necessary immediately upon notification, determination or Outbound RV Rental’s determination upon return of the Vehicle. Outbound RV Rental reserves the right to refuse any refund to a Renter that returns the Vehicle in a damaged condition. All  mechanical failures will be fully investigated prior to establishing if a refund  is due and of a fair amount. Security deposits may be handled as a hold authorization on the Renter’s credit card. This hold will be immediately converted to a charge upon the unsatisfactory return of the Vehicle. We also may fully charge the security deposit  to your credit card in lieu of an authorization. Please consult the policy of your bank as to whether the funds will be available from your account if an authorization is placed on your card. Any unused portions of the security deposit will then be returned within 14 business days of the Vehicle being returned to its pre-rented condition.