Why Should You Rent an RV?

Wondering why you should rent an RV? Here is why!

Renting an RV instead of purchasing one is highly cost effective. You avoid monthly payments, monthly storage fees, and monthly insurance premiums.  Only pay for the time you want to use the RV. It also allows you to try out different RVs.
From recreating childhood memories of RVing with your family to the desire of avoiding long lines at airport security and flight delays, there are many other reasons to rent an RV.
Freedom and Flexibility In an RV, you set the pace for your vacation. Drive when you want to. Relax when you want to.  Set (and break) your own travel schedule. You don’t need to stand in line waiting to get through airport security. You don’t have to worry about flight delays or missing connecting flights. Your luggage doesn’t get lost. Create your own adventure in an RV. See an interesting site along the way that was not part of your original plan? Pull over and explore! 

Traveling to and from your destinations is relaxing:  Did I say relaxing? Yes, yes I did.  When traveling with children in a long car ride, the dreaded “Are we there yet?” question inevitable comes up more than once.  Traveling in a Class C provides a different and relaxing experience. There are seatbelts at the kitchen table so you can strap the kiddos in and let them play. Coloring, games, building legos, eating and drinking can all occur on the go. There is also a flat screen TV with a DVD player for movie watching.  Need to use the bathroom? Just pull over and have the privacy of your own bathroom in the RV instead of using one at a dirty gas station or restaurant. Want to eat lunch? Make a stop and use your microwave, stove, or cook top and use your own food already cooled off in your refrigerator.  

Large families: Instead of having to purchase multiple plane tickets and multiple hotel rooms for larger families, a RV can help cut down on the cost of your next vacation.  We have RVs that will sleep up to 10 people comfortably.  

Pack what you want plus the kitchen sink: Well, the kitchen sink is included in the RV so that is one less item to worry about packing.  You don’t have to worry about whether your suitcase will fit in the overhead bin of the airplane.  You don’t have to worry about the baggage fees or overage fees for a heavy bag. The RVs have plenty of storage space underneath which means you can pack everything you need and still have plenty of living space inside the RV.  Want to take your bikes? We rent bike racks to store the bikes on the outside of the RV.

Getting back to nature:  Renting an RV for your next vacation allows the opportunity to explore all the many wonders of the outdoors. From the beautiful scenery as you are traveling down the road to hiking, fishing, boating, and biking at your destination, the outdoor entertainment opportunities are endless. Sit around a campfire at night underneath the stars making smores. Spend the day on a beach. Play golf or go swimming. Or sit and just breathe in your surroundings. Nature awaits.

Priceless Enjoyable Family Memories: Enjoying a simpler vacation brings family members closer together and opens up the opportunity for communication and family fun. Traveling in the RV to the destinations is half the fun. Unplug, if you choose, from everyday life and experience new adventures together. Learn new outdoor activities. Make wonderful lifetime memories!